The Story Behind The Band

One Truth made its official debut at The National Theatre in Richmond, VA in April of 2014. JC, a former "Angel" in Broadway's RENT, founded this original, progressive rock experience with the aid of drummer and co-founder Bubba Farmer. After a couple years of crafting their debut album which is scheduled for release in January, 2015, the two set out in 2013 to fill out what would ultimately evolve into an intriguing, new band with an eclectic sound and a distinct flair for the dramatic. Alongside Kim Entertainment and Altamira Film Co., One Truth has since released three music videos, and an EP which is available currently on iTunes. 


JC Gonzalez

JC Gonzalez was born in New York City to a father who had a love for writing and a mother who was passionate about music. These two influences would shape the prolific songwriter he would grow up to become. He spent his formative years in Southern California where he began his performing career as a dancer in Los Angeles. At the age of 21 he landed a role in the original broadway cast of Rent which brought him back to New York. Over the course of the next several years he wrote and developed an original rock opera entitled Warm which played at The Lamb's Theatre in Times Square with such singer/actors as multi Tony Award nominee Gavin Creel, Shayna Steele, and The Voice's Sasha Allen. JC currently resides in Richmond, VA where he would ultimately bring together his talents as both a performer and a writer to form the original band called One Truth.