"Fronted by vocalist, pianist and songwriter J.C. Gonzalez, the Richmond-based nine-piece One Truth is a blender in which rock, metal, alternative and soul are mixed. The result has a symphonic quality not dissimilar to classic rock icons Styx, Kansas and Journey. Tunes such as “I Will Die for You” and “Buried Alive” have a Broadway bombast that shapes their theatrical prog-rock proclivities with power-chord grandiosity. But One Truth chooses to stand on the shoulders of its influences instead of sitting on them. The group celebrates the release of its debut, self-titled album Saturday, Jan. 24, at the Hippodrome with opening sets by fellow Richmond bands Boxwave, Floodmoor and Hot Air Affair. Doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10-$35. hippodromerichmond.com."

Chris Bobst - Style Weekly

“One Truth is a band which debuted on The National stage this past weekend, including members of The Killing Daylights. Led by lead singer JC (and that's not Jesus Christ) Gonzalez, the group has released an emotionally passionate and fairly (nu) metal video called "Inferno." The melodic, theatrical art rock had us on the edge of ours seats. The scene begins with a steampunk pianist in the woods before JC's powerful voice takes over. The man's voice is so good, I would suggest him for a Freddie Mercury tribute band frontman. He was apparently an "Angel" in Rent, and returned to the area to start this progressive rock outfit. I won't ruin the ending of the video for you, but there might be some fire involved. I think Black Girls just made a similar video in which they burned a piano to the ground. What is this reckless disregard for instruments? Oh yeah, it's metal and rock n' roll! It was also "old and unable to be fixed," so it's all good...."”



"One Truth is a progressive rock band featuring JC Gonzalez, a former lead in RENT on Broadway (he played “Angel”). Their music is full of “theatrical rock” and you can tell these guys are really into what they’re playing. The group released the music video to its new song “Inferno,” where they SET A PIANO ON FIRE!"